3 Minute Workout

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Not just for busy WOMEN only, but THIS busy woman has recently discovered one way to integrate intense daily quick workouts into an intensely-scheduled work week. In this video I cover a very effective 4 minute workout that I learned from Dr. Zack Bush as well as Dr. Mercola.

It takes a TRANCE-formed mindset to undo years of being taught and trained in other theories of exercise. However, MY personal theory is just BE OPEN to trying something new and STAY MINDFUL of its effects on YOUR OWN BODY…! So, if you’re ready to join me in this fast and effective 4 minute workout, I promise you will love the after-effects.

However, if you need more informed help in TRANCE-forming your own mindset, here are the links I promised:



I may have modified particular movements to suit my own noted effects. Try working out with all three videos and see what works for you. Then be sure to subscribe and return for more free videos on TRANCE-forming other areas of your life… Once you’re set in motion, your momentum will definitely take over, and there will be NO STOPPING you from becoming the BEST VERSION of YOU…!

After watching this video on how to use subliminal hypnosis to succeed, I hope you feel more confident to reprogram your own mind to focus on the things you desire to achieve. BLISSings, Joanne

Resources for this video
Joanne Dagonese
Trance-formation Coach
I help women who are seeking to transform aspects of their lives to find creative solutions, by guiding them through relaxation strategies designed to bring awareness to their old programs.


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