Joanne Dagonese

Trance-formation Coach with a S.A.F.E Approach

I help women who are seeking to transform aspects of their lives to find creative solutions, by guiding them through relaxation strategies designed to bring awareness to their old programs. By taking them through the basic principles of the Eight Rules of the Mind to learn to effectively rewrite their own life scripts, I tailor the techniques to have them apply those principles for notable changes to take place.

I’m a Time Traveler. It’s taken me precisely 61 years to travel from the year 1956 to 2017. My mission has been to explore and experience life in as many roles as possible, so that I could break the molds for conventional and outdated versions of each role. This makes me a Game Changer.

Some of My Roles Include
Domestic Engineer (aka, Home Maker), Parent, Grandparent, Teacher, Professional Classroom Manager (aka, Substitute Teacher), Singer-songwriter, Blogger, Holistic Health Advocate, Whole Food Foodie, and my favorite… Hypnotist and Trance-formation Coach.

My M.O. has been to take all I’ve learned about holistic health, the learning process, music, language, the creative process, and problem solving, and through practical application, start trance-forming areas of my life in order to upgrade to better versions of myself in each of these roles.

My passion is to edu-tain, as well as to be a Resource Hub of information, inspiration, and motivation to support and empower you who are actively seeking guidance on the road to upgrading your own life.

Until we meet in person…
Remember to thank Life for all that you have and for all that you are right now… and for all that you are becoming.


Are You Ready To Begin Your Trance-formation?

The longer you wait, the further you are from achieving the results you desire.

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